Moroccan Argan Oil and Hair Care

Some of us are born with lustrous beautiful hair and some are not. A question I am often asked in the salon is ‘what’s currently the best product around?’ My answer and it is no secret would have to be Argan Oil.

Produced in Morocco

Argan oil is extracted from the Argan nut which is the fruit of the Argonia Spinosa tree often dubbed the ‘tree of life’ that grows in the southern western region of Morocco. Berbers native to Morocco have been using Argan oil for centuries.

\"CurlyTips to Care for Curly Hair

If you are born with thick curly hair here are a few tips that may help you keep your hair in fabulous condition when faced with troublesome locks. I would recommend that if you choose to go with your natural curly hair then don’t use a comb. Wash and shampoo your hair and use a leave-in conditioner. This is where Pure Argan oil comes into its own. A few drops massaged into the ends of your hair is all you will need to add weight, gloss and leave your tresses feeling silky soft.

Argan oil is full of anti-oxidants and has a high Vitamin E content which nourishes your hair and repairs the damage done by everyday life. It also protects hair against free radicals.

Fine Greasy Hair

When your hair is baby fine and greasy don’t despair. Argan oil will neutralise the condition of your scalp, eliminating flaky dandruff and adding strength to the root of your hair. The first time you use Argan all, I would suggest for all hair types that you apply it to your scalp and hair and leave-in overnight. Shampooing and conditioning with your favourite products the next morning. Try this at least twice the first week then once a week for the first month a deep condition as described.

Trouble-free Hair

\"MoroccanJust because you’re hair and scalp is the goal of all who search for perfect condition doesn’t mean you can get away with doing nothing better than a quick shampoo and blow dry. Every so often give your hair a holiday and apply Argan oil for a deep, nourishing condition. Your hair will literally feel like it had a long rest. You will feel the benefits too just like the rest of us.

Men’s Hair

Men’s hair benefits in both ways just like our curly haired friends. Argan Oil for hair is an excellent conditioner as previously mentioned and is also the ideal leave-in serum. It will protect the hair against free radicals and completely nurture the hair back to a condition you never thought possible.


Cures baby ‘cradle-cap’ by gently moisturising baby’s scalp, allowing new hair to grow.


When your grand-mother insists on having a perm you know she is doing untold damage to her hair. Introduce her to Pure Argan oil, explain that the Moroccan Berbers have been using it to condition their hair in an extremely arid climate. Apply the deep conditioning treatment. Then enjoy the big smile that comes to her face when you notice she enjoys the rejuvenating feeling of having ‘real hair.’

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